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What are the Benefits of the Software Used?

MADE for the Enterprise

Modular Icon 100x100 Complete Solution

It includes all the basic needs that organizations demand...
  • Complete set of core modules
  • Extensive back-end administration
  • In-depth site design and customization features
  • Numerous collaboration features
  • Robust security features
  • In a nutshell, it's the Swiss Army Knife of software

Business Grade 100x100 Enterprise Grade

Strong case for business use...
  • Genuine 'Open Source' software (LGPL license)
    • common data transfer standard (.csv)
    • no vendor / freelancer lock-in
    • proven underlying technologies
      • php, MySQL, Smarty, jQuery, Zend Framework, Bootstrap
  • Five year LTS versions ('Long Term Support')
    • because 99% of end users don't like changes!
  • Zero 3rd party plugins
    • that could stop development, turn paid to monetize, etc.
    • 100% Free Software, 100% Free Plugins
  • mature software - almost 20 years old!
  • active developer community
  • up-to-date core technologies to keep it future-proof
  • multi-lingual for global use

Collaboration 100x100 Collaboration

Users can participate on many levels...
  • no programming knowledge necessary
  • It is easy to learn and advance quickly
    • BASIC:
      • create and edit internal or external wiki pages (web pages)
      • contribute to or admin a Calendar
      • create or modify existing databases (Trackers)
      • create or modify File Galleries folders i.e. file exchange
      • modify existing databases ('Trackers')
      • create and edit new databases ('Trackers')
      • manage users
      • Site settings management
      • user and group permissions management
      • site back-up and maintenance

STRONG Core Modules

Trackers (i.e. databases)

Web Forms used to gather and report data...
  • Work Order Entry
  • Client on-line orders
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • Expense Management
  • Warehousing
  • etc.


A 'blank sheet of paper' to...
  • add a web form ('Tracker') to gather data
  • or display a report of that data ('Tracker List')
  • use it to
    • share information
    • show a presentation
    • create a training manual
    • or print-screen help pages
    • display a YouTube video or slideshow
    • etc.

File Exchange

Basically, a copy of DropBox...
  • the files you need, anytime, any device, any browser
  • for exchanging or archiving files
  • eliminates the need to set up a separate server to exchange files

Calendar 85x85    Calendar

For unifying your organization's ecosystem...
  • employees, contractors, clients, etc.
  • Scheduling appointments or meetings
  • can be used as a passive HR tool
  • keeps everyone connected and up to date

News & Articles

For displaying the latest news...
  • your official news and articles
  • or a casual blog
  • re-posting industry articles
  • great for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance

COMPREHENSIVE Supporting Modules

Users and Groups

For any type of registered user...
  • employees
  • contractors
  • clients
  • suppliers
  • one-time access
  • etc.

Permissions Management

Any level you choose...
  • from macro 'global' to granular 'object' permissions
    • group level
    • users level
    • object level (i.e. File Gallery folders, Trackers, etc.)
  • view, edit, create, delete, upload/download, etc.

Control Panels

Administration of your site...
  • 'Control Panel' to enable & disable major features on your website
    • choose to be shown basic, advanced or experimental features
  • 'Settings Menu' to configure the features you've enabled

And Much More

Over a 100 internally managed plugins...
  • maps
  • pivot tables
  • forums
  • video conferencing
  • newsletters
  • polls and surveys
  • many small yet powerful plugins like
    • Tabs, Fade, Remarks Box, Comments, Mouseover, Slideshow, Button, Tables, Quotes, Smileys, Icons, etc.