WebERP Stages of Development

Development StagesWhy WebERP?

Project Development: Stages & Time Scale

Development is typically broken down into four stages:

Stages Task Necessary Time Scale
Testing & Adapting initial preview of WebERP to get acquainted with all the parts 1 - 2 weeks
Entering / Importing Company Data setting up company information, personalized accounting standards, entering some limited entries, importing large lists (warehouse inventory, sales contacts, etc.) 2 - 4 months (small to medium sized company)
Test Entries working with real data, adjustment of entered information 1 - 4 weeks
Report Customization setting up reports and invoicing 1 - 3 months

Keep in mind, implementing an ERP system is not that difficult, just time consuming

    the difficult part is managing 'Process Change'

Website structure

This is not a part of any ERP system as the focus is to produce strong detailed accounting systems and reports

  • for all ERP systems, employees typically adapt to the website structure of the system used, not the other way around
  • that said, WebERP offers integration of a wiki, which can be a valuable tool for documenting procedures, or, just simply sharing information.