What We Do

We Build Consolidated Digital Platforms for Data Driven Web Sites

Our Solutions


  • All your data & digital content onto one platform


  • a powerful & user friendly virtual office for working remotely


  • Your team into a modern collaborative workforce


  • Real-Time data and information exchange


  • Your monthly/annual SaaS bills


  • Ownership over your valuable digital data stream

Our Completed Web Apps:

The Configurations are Endless:

  • Client Database

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Sales and Volume Reports

  • Pivot Tables (e.g. High Level View)

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Dashboard Quick View

  • Expense and Payment Management

  • e-Invoicing

    • Client Access to Account History

    • .pdf Invoices

  • Work Order Entry

    • employees, clients, contractors, etc.

  • Medical Records Management

  • Real Estate Property Management

  • Warehousing and Inventory

  • Work Flow Diagrams

    • outline clear steps and rules

    • automate & synchronize to minimize redundancies

  • Team Time Management

    • for full-time, part-time, freelancers, contractors, etc

  • Team Feedback Management

  • Team Surveys

  • Unified Telephone Directory

    • both internal and external (contractors, clients, suppliers, etc.)

  • Comprehensive Calendar

    • for both internal and external use (access by permission level)

    • for scheduling, meetings, corporate events, holidays, etc.

  • 'Help-Desk'

    • for internal teams, clients, contractors, etc. to quickly submit issues

    • for IT department to organize priority of requests

    • for management to analyze and resolve problem areas

  • Benchmarking of IT Department Support Level

  • Legal Matter / Case Management

  • Incident Management

  • Complaint Management

  • File Exchange

    • document management

    • archiving

  • Document Version Control and History

  • Posting News and Industry Articles

  • Financial Results Publication

  • Multi-Media Posting

    • YouTube videos, photos, screenshots, screencasts, etc.

    • slideshows

    • tables, graphs, barcharts, etc.

What We Offer

  • Initial set-up of software at web-host

  • Standard deployment of commonly used features

  • Custom configuration of website for individual needs

  • Training for employees on how to:

    • proficiently use the software (basic, intermediate and advanced levels)

    • effectively work together in the cloud

    • independently develop and grow your databases and website knowledge base

    • confidently administer your site

Software Deployed

'No-Code / Low-Code' Software

  • Gives you unrestrained control over your site
  • Unleash your superstar team members!

A Powerful One-Stop App

  • Packed with Features big and small
  • It does so much it's the LAST app you will ever need!

Integration Heavyweight

  • Set up 'Web Services' to harness the power of API's
  • Customize and automate your import / export operations

Cloud or Local Installation

  • Cloud for total flexibility and maximum usability
  • Local for large enterprises who need total control

Genuine Open Source

  • Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS)
  • NEVER any License Fees of ANY KIND!


  • Mind boggling level of configuration possibilities
  • Constrained only by your imagination!

Why we are different

Advanced Config.

We only do 'advanced configuration', much like you configure a spreadsheet which results in:

  • outstanding stability
  • extremely quick time to production
  • much smoother upgrades / updates

No Development

We do not offer custom development work outside the limitations of the software because complicated, custom coded development projects almost always:

  • end up with cost-overruns
  • have deadline delays
  • are stuck in development

'OK' working software is always better
than 'great' software in development

Our Focus

Three primary areas of focus:

  • using stable and proven COTSCommercial off-the-shelf software software with extremely high limitations 'out-of-the-box'
  • working on small and medium complexity projects - a few days to a few months maximum
  • getting you working in the FAST so your organization can to the Moon Mars!


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