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New Project: Time Scale

  • Typically, going from Alpha - v.1.0 can be completed in a few months

  • While the size of the project is a key factor, much more relevant is client flexibility


✔ LOW client demands

✔ ZERO custom development work

✔ HIGH flexibility


✘ HIGH client demands

✘ SIGNIFICANT custom development work

✘ NO flexibility


Our experience shows that a balance somewhere in between results in:

✔ Quick results

✔ Moderate cost

✔ Reliable stabiltiy


  • v.2.0 typically should only be addressed after 3 - 5 months of use, as it is a high possibility that there will be significant changes
  • As we all know, end users don't like major changes, however...
    • if they are informed of all plans in advance, it helps alleviate the pains of 'process change'