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New Project: Stages

Setting up a new project in the cloud is typically broken down into four stages:

This first stage is for architecture design

  • Initial designs or drafts of as many parts of a new system as possible.
  • This is the result of gathering as much input as possible from all types of potential end users.
    • Required: visualization is critical to discover all processes and steps, for this Draw.io is an excellent tool.
    • Note: this Alpha stage is not a usable working system.

Next is limited testing

  • The first semi-complete system that can be considered usable, but it will still have missing features .
  • The main purpose of 'beta' is so that a limited amount of real internal end users test what has been developed to give feedback.
    • Note: this level would be too raw to release company wide.

Followed by wide scale testing

  • The first real working version that can be used in production by a larger group of users.
  • All major issues have been resolved, however, 'refinements' will be necessary such as:
    • issues involving the design, i.e. 'Look and Feel'
    • additional, minor, end user requests -

Last is the final version

  • The final working production version (99% of refinements complete)

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