We propose solutions for companies who need to:

Consolidate data & content onto one platform

Create a powerful & user friendly virtual office (any device, anytime, e.g. working remotely)

Have real-time data and information exchange

Transform into a modern collaborative workforce

Reduce reliance on costly and inflexible SaaS programs - and, avoid 'vendor lock-in'

Control your own data

 Just a few of the hundreds of possible uses!

  • client database

  • sales pipeline

  • customer satisfaction surveys

  • sales and volume data

  • Dashboard Summary and Reports

  • expense and payment management

  • e-Invoicing

    • client access to account history

    • .pdf invoices

  • work order entry

    • employees, clients, contractors, etc.

  • performance benchmarking

  • warehousing and inventory

  • work flow

    • eliminate bottlenecks

    • outline clear steps and rules

    • automate & synchronize to reduce redundancies

  • employee time management

  • unified telephone directory

    • one for all departments & offices

      • you set viewing / editing permissions

    • can be for both internal and external

      • employees, contractors, clients, suppliers

  • comprehensive calendar

    • both for internal and external use

      • you set viewing / editing permissions

    • for meetings, corporate events, holidays, etc.

  • 'help-desk'

    • for employees / clients / contractors / etc. to quickly submit issues

    • for IT department to organize priority of requests

    • for management to analyze and resolve problem areas

  • benchmarking of IT department support level

  • legal cases management system

  • file exchange

    • document management

    • archiving

  • document version control and history

  • News and articles posting

  • multi-media posting

    • YouTube videos, photos, screenshots, etc.

    • slideshows

    • tables, graphs, barcharts, etc.

What does OS-DCMS offer?

  • Initial set-up of software at web-host

  • Standard deployment of commonly used features

  • Custom configuration of website for individual needs

  • Training for employees on how to:

    • proficiently use Tiki or wepERP on basic, intermediate and advanced levels

    • effectively work together in the cloud

    • independently develop and grow your Tiki databases and website knowledge base

    • confidently administer your site

What software does OS-DCMS use?

Tiki Logo With Wiki Cms Groupware WebERP Logo
Best use ✔ custom databases and strong data management ✔ for a tight accounting system (i.e. A/P, A/R, G/L, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory)
✔ high flexibility and configurability ✔ when a fully configured out of the box solution is needed
✔ strong group collaboration features ✔ strong reporting features
Both are ✔ genuine open source ✔ web-based / cloud solutions

Why is OS-DCMS different?

  • We do not offer custom development work that is outside the limitations of the software. Why?

    • Because this is similar to "Building and Construction Projects" but worse:
      • always cost-overruns Dollar Sign 30x30
      • always deadline delays Hourglass 30x30
      • always stuck in development Bug 30 30
        • 'tolerable' working software is always better than 'great' software in development

    • We use software that has extremely high limitations 'out-of-the-box'

    • We focus on small and medium complexity projects

    • We want to get you working in the cloud fast!